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Collision Repair magazine

Serving the Canadian industry as the leading source of information, Collision Repair magazine is a strong promoter of better relationships among collision repairers, insurers and the manufacturing supply chain. Collision Repair magazine is dedicated to improving the image of the industry. Our mandate is to promote dialogue and focus on the many positive aspects of the $3 billion market through current updates, profiles and monitoring industry trends. Heading the industry since 2002, Collision Repair is a bi-monthly publication.

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Collision Quebec

Bringing you the same high-quality content as Collision Repair magazine, Collision Quebec is published in French with a focus on the automotive aftermarket in Quebec.

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Canadian Auto Recyclers magazine

Auto recycling is dynamic, exciting and very progressive. It is also generally misunderstood by those outside of the industry. That is why we at Media Matters Inc. jumped at the opportunity to work with key industry stakeholders to launch Canadian Auto Recyclers magazine. Recyclers play an important role not only in the auto claims economy, but also in the protection of our environment. It is also big business. We have chosen to profile the people who have been making these things happen, because they are the people who are going to make the difference. You can’t legislate integrity, commitment and passion; these are characteristics driving the industry forward. Canadian Auto Recyclers was first published in 2007 and is an annual publication.

Canadian Towing & Recovery

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Each issue of Canadian Towing & Recovery digs deep to bring readers the latest and greatest in equipment and training, new regulations and legislation and tips from successful tow operators. Once a year the Canadian Towing & Recovery annual profiles the top towing and recovery businesses, showcasing how they go above and beyond in their duty to serving other sectors of the auto claims economy and its primary customer: the Canadian motorist. The publication shows insurers, repairers and representatives of every level of government how progressive tow operators are helping to bring about positive change in the industry. Communicating these changes and improvements is the cornerstone of Canadian Towing & Recovery.

WaterWorx Guide

The WaterWorx Guide will help make your transition to waterborne as smooth as possible. WaterWorx will be with you every step of the way. It's the comprehensive guide to everything waterborne, helping to ease the confusion of waterborne transition. WaterWorx will give your shop an advantage by providing you with a wealth of information. Put into print in 2008, the magazine is another one of Media Matters Inc.'s bilingual publications.

Bodyworx Professional

The look, style and feel of collision repair have changed a lot since the days of the blacksmith. Today’s collision repair technician is a highly trained professional. Bodyworx Professional is the information vehicle to ensure that those professional technicians are aware of the products available to ensure high quality work. Professional technicians are major influencers in the equipment and material buying process. Bodyworx Professional helps your company reach these professionals!