Publishing & Management

Media Matters Inc. supplies decades of magazine publishing experience in a variety of subjects, types, and formats.

Web Design

Media Matters Inc. has the personnel and capabilities to make an appealing website in any style that suits your needs.

Graphic Design

Media Matters Inc. provides image editing, logo creation, and layouts for any project imaginable.​


Our e-zines allow updates to be sent straight to your mailing list’s email inbox on a weekly, bi-weekly or even daily basis.​

Marketing Communications

Media Matters Inc. can develop a clear marketing campaign to promote, advertise and sustain customer interest.


Print ads, broadcast scripts, direct mail campaigns and sales letters. We are passionate about copy and content.

Advertising Sales

We’ll sell advertising for your publication, directly targeting the goods and services of most interest to your members.​

Professional trade shows and events that bring customers face-to-face with products and networking stakeholders.

Our Magazines